All the children in school experienced a day of quiet reflection and prayer led by members of staff from school and from the parish of St John’s. Prayer Spaces were set up in school and in Church and the children spent time at each space reflecting on things as varied as how wonderful and unique they are to letting go of past hurts and grudges. We had the chance to ask God any question we wanted to and sat back and watched our thoughts and prayers go up to God like the bubbles in the Bubble Tube. When the children walked from school to Church they saw footprints along the way, linking the two places. Our thanks go to the Craig, Helen, Olivia and Adam for their care and support of the children throughout the day. The children’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive with requests for it to be much longer next time!

church tree

The prayer tree in church

fizzy forgiveness

Letting go of our grudges whilst watching the fizzy tablets dissolving.

palm of gods hand

Our names are written on the palm of God’s Hand


Each one of us is special and unique just like our fingerprints.

wonderful me

How wonderful I am!

washing stones

The stones we carried from school to church and washed in the baptismal font.

bread of life

The bread that is shared during the Eucharist

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