Congratulations Lola!

Lola’s shoelace is undone!

Ken presenting the cheque

Congratulations to Lola in Sycamore Class whose idea for 3D printing won the first prize in the competition we took part in last November as part of the Create Education Day at Forest Hills. Ken and Sarah from Create and Forest Hills came into school to bring us a 3D printer which we have on loan for a few weeks and more importantly, presented a cheque for £100 to the school for Lola’s winning design which you can see below. I have said that Lola can decide, with the help of her classmates, to choose what to spend the £100 on.

The Winning Design

The winning design was voted to be this innovative “Shoelace Clip” designed by Lola from Ellel St. John’s Primary school. Well done Lola, you have won £100 for the school and a certificate is on it’s way to you!

If you don’t have time to do your shoelaces, then you can use a special clip. The clip sucks up the laces and they get stuck on the clip.

Why did you develop this idea?
I always have my shoelaces undone because I am too busy to do them.

Why we liked this design
We liked this design because it solves a really common problem experienced by many children. We think it would be a very marketable product, with a low production cost and a large potential consumer market.

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