Children in Need

It was a morning to remember as many of us had set our alarm clocks to go off  a little earlier than usual so that we could be in school to welcome the Radio Lancashire Breakfast Show with Graham Liver.

A very big thank you to Julie and Beanie for preparing the sausage and bacon rolls:

Beanie and Julie ready to feed the hordes

Beanie and Julie ready to feed the hordes

Thank you to the parents from the Friends of Ellel who arrived earlier than most to prepare the refreshments:

Who's for tea?

Who’s for tea?

A big thank you to the rest of the Thomas family who came and helped to make and serve the pancakes – all 300 of them!

That's 238.

That’s 238.

And finally…… we tried to work our breakfasts off with a little wake and shake!

Hey Macarena!

Hey Macarena!


Remembrance 2016

Lest we forget…

As a school we honoured those who have given their lives in the many wars and conflicts over the years. The day began with all the school gathering at the cenotaph at St John’s Church for a short service at which every class laid a wreath of poppies made by each child. As well as prayers,te remembrance  a song and observing the 2 minute silence, we had the Last Post played by a young man, James Marsh, from LRGS.

Later in the afternoon we welcomed over a hundred friends and families of the school to our afternoon of song and poetry as each class entertained us with a song they had learned. We also raised funds for the Royal British Legion.

It was a day on which the children of Ellel St John’s once again acted with respect and reverence for the fallen of the wars.

EDUCATION SUNDAY 11th September 2016

Ellel St John’s School were delighted to welcome St John’s Parish on Sunday 11th September to celebrate Education Sunday. It was heartwarming to see the school hall packed with children and adults celebrating together. The morning got off to a great start with bacon butties and refreshments before singing and praising filled the air. There were lots of requests for it to happen every month! There are a few photos below.


The altar set for Communion


Peter and the children at the altar

Peter and the children at the altar


Some of the children singing

SCHOOL EUCHARIST Friday 9th September

I can’t think of a better way to start the new school year than to spend the day acting, singing, creating, baking, reflecting, praying and dancing! It was a very special day for all the school as the children took time to find out more about the Eucharist and what it means before preparing and contributing to a moving service, shared by many of our parents and friends.

Special thanks to Craig and Peter, Bishop Graham Dow, Mr Thomas and several parishioners from St John’s for helping us to get to understand and experience this important Christian celebration. Have a look at the photos below for a flavour of the day.

Bishop Graham Dow leads us in our morning worship

Bishop Graham Dow leads us in our morning worship

Year 6 asked him some very hard questions!

Year 6 asked him some very hard questions!

The hall is full as we prepare to start our service

The hall is full as we prepare to start our service

We shared some of the things we are sorry about

We shared some of the things we are sorry about

Peter tells us the story of the Last Supper

Peter tells us the story of the Last Supper


Receiving the communion bread

What is the Kingdom of God like.

What is the Kingdom of God like.



All the children in school experienced a day of quiet reflection and prayer led by members of staff from school and from the parish of St John’s. Prayer Spaces were set up in school and in Church and the children spent time at each space reflecting on things as varied as how wonderful and unique they are to letting go of past hurts and grudges. We had the chance to ask God any question we wanted to and sat back and watched our thoughts and prayers go up to God like the bubbles in the Bubble Tube. When the children walked from school to Church they saw footprints along the way, linking the two places. Our thanks go to the Craig, Helen, Olivia and Adam for their care and support of the children throughout the day. The children’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive with requests for it to be much longer next time!

church tree

The prayer tree in church

fizzy forgiveness

Letting go of our grudges whilst watching the fizzy tablets dissolving.

palm of gods hand

Our names are written on the palm of God’s Hand


Each one of us is special and unique just like our fingerprints.

wonderful me

How wonderful I am!

washing stones

The stones we carried from school to church and washed in the baptismal font.

bread of life

The bread that is shared during the Eucharist

Instrumental performance

We were once again treated to a wonderful musical performance from the children who are receiving instrumental tuition. In addition to keyboards, piano, flute and guitar we had our first ever drumming performance – and boy did Harvey and his fellow drummers make an impression!  Congratulations to all who took part in this enjoyable performance.

IMG_1672 IMG_1675 IMG_1667 IMG_1668 IMG_1670


Wow! What truly amazing, talented and brave children we have. The quality of the singing, acting and dancing in the two performances was incredible. Everyone I spoke to after each performance was full of compliments for the children. The man who filmed the play regularly films productions at The Grand and he felt the standard was as high as many of the best adult shows! A local Head of English at a secondary school was blown away by the confidence and performances of the children.

It was a major undertaking for many of the staff who spent hours and hours on everything from props to costumes, scenery to technical details. Thank you to all of you for your dedication and enthusiasm. 

As I was only backstage my photos are from there! However more will be coming online soon.

A view of the audience from the stage

Backstage preparations

fairies fire circle

Fairies keeping warm!

audience mound

A view of the audience from the stage


Science Week began with a very exciting day of scientific investigations and workshops as all the children were mixed up together to form new groups of children from Reception to Year 6, Squeals of delight, excitement and awe could be heard around the school as pupils worked together to plan, test, experiment and amaze at the different forces they could create. Have a look at some of the photos from Day 1 of this exciting week.flying hovercrafts kites photo 2

How strong are these paper structures?

How strong are these paper structures?

look at some of the photos from Day 1 of this exciting week.


What a fantastic day!

Members of the Eco and School Council visited London on Thursday 28th April to visit the Houses of Parliament. It was a very long day as we met at Lancaster Station at 7.15am and didn’t return home until 8pm. During the day we travelled on the train, twice on the Tube, on a red London Bus and even a cruise on the River Thames. After a fascinating tour around the Houses of Parliament and a workshop in the new Education Centre and we met our local MP, Cat Smith, who spent 20 minutes with us answering all our questions.

Throughout the long and busy day the children’s behaviour was exemplary – as always. We were very proud of you all.

Our thanks go to Mr Poole, unofficial tour guide for the day, and Mr Thomas, Officer in charge of marching us very quickly, for their good will and good humour.

lott cath

reub keal

Fun on the train

Fun on the train

lola berylarch eve jayd

ethan alf

arch jo
lola beryl jandjAfter a train journey that actually arrived in Euston Station early (!) we headed down to the tube station.


When we arrived at Westminster we saw a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst, the suffragette who was a key campaigner in getting the vote for women. All the ‘girls’ had their photograph taken beneath this inspirational woman.

emm pank

At the end of the our of the Houses of Parliament the group had their photograph taken on the steps of the very famous, one thousand year old, Westminster Hall.

hall crop

At the end of our workshop Cat Smith, the MP for Lancaster, came and spoke to us for 20 minutes about her life as an MP and answered all our questions. She had left a debate on Autism in the House Of Commons to come and join us so we were very grateful for her time.

cat 3 crop

It was then on to a picnic in St James’ Park before a walk to see if the Queen was at home in Buckingham Palace – she wasn’t I’m afraid.

( more to come )

Happy Easter

The term ended with our Holy Week Service at St John’s Church this morning. The children read and sang beautifully as they re-told the story of this holiest of weeks.

We were overwhelmed with the number of people who came to the Easter Egg Bingo event last evening – the Hall was packed to the rafters. Lots of fun was had by all and an enormous amount of chocolate was won.

The winners of the decorate an egg competition are shown below as are the other entrants. Well done to Tilly in first place, Evan in second place and Lola Mae in third

Eyes down and look in!

Eyes down and look in!

1st place Star Wars,  2nd place The Simpsons  and 3rd place, the Easter Bunny

1st place Star Wars, 2nd place The Simpsons and 3rd place, the Easter Bunny

The runners-up

The runners-up